Metro Kids – Children’s Ministry

John 10:10 New Living Translation (NLT)

VISION STATEMENT : To be a purpose driven Children’s Work

MISSION STATEMENT : To provide an outstanding programme for every child who attends Metro Sunday or Metro Outreach



NCCL aim is to be a close-knit church with a strong sense of community.  We are proud of our beliefs and history, while always being forward-looking and highly aspiring for every child who attends our Children’s Work


be safe, happy and confident and leave Metro with a love of learning about Jesus, developing purpose and meaning to their life with skills to be successful as an engaged and productive person in the ever changing world have confidence in who they are in Christ with perseverance and resilience; they will have good moral character and respect, work hard and not give up easily on challenges in life be taught excellent life skills and values as foundations for their future success.  They will have a love of the life Jesus offers them and read the Bible for pleasure, offering them a lifetime of knowledge and joy far beyond their years
know that Metro London is a Children’s work built around the Bible’s teachings; resulting in respect for themselves and for people from all strata’s of life, being compassionate human beings, proud of themselves but not arrogant or boastful

The Board of Trustees and the Director of Metro Kids Children’s Work set the strategic direction of the Children’s Ministry and have high expectations for the opportunities offered to each child.  Parents and the church congregation share the vision and the heart to reach each child with the truth of the Gospel of grace found in Jesus Christ.

All the children’s team work together to create challenging, fun and engaging times together for the benefit of every child.

We aim to provide a children’s work that we would want for our own child.
We will always strive to be excellent in everything we do.


We value children being grounded within a happy and safe environment
We value children having good character, with perseverance and spirit
We value children aspiring to achieve and not giving up on challenges
We value children who offer friendship, compassion and respect others
We value children with purpose and meaning to their lives

Pastoral Care offers people support, encouragement and care by visiting, listening, praying with them, and reading scripture together

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Our administration office is in Bromley.